Beautiful weekend!

I’ve had an awesome last few days. I skipped work Friday to go to the beach with my mom for a reward, but we got there and it was too freaking hot to stay. Seriously. And you know how much I love the beach. But it’s July and we’re in that July-August-September trifecta of burning Florida heat that makes you want to permanently attach an air conditioning unit to your back. It’s the “don’t get your oil changed because it’s too damn hot to sit in the car without a/c” time of year. So anyway, the beach was fine for a while but neither of us could handle an entire day of sweltering heat. So, we left the shore after 3 hours, took showers, and went shopping instead. Which was much, much cooler!

And shopping was phenomenal. We went to one of those discount-type stores where you either find NOTHING or way too much, and I was having an “on” day. Naturally, I went over to the Plus department and began checking things out. Since my size 18 Old Navy jeans were falling off, I figured I could try 16’s. I was right.

But then my mom, genius that she is, realized that if I wear a 16, I don’t have to stay in the Plus department necessarily. So she dragged me to the JUNIORS section where I ended up buying a size 15 dress (it’s so cute!). (By the way, where were the size 15 juniors clothes when I was teenager?? I distinctly remember 13 as the biggest size.)

But the dress was sleeveless and I simply cannot do sleeveless, so I needed a cardigan or shrug or something. So mom dragged me to the MISSES department. Where I got a size XL misses petite cardigan that was perfect for the dress.

And then we went to the athletic wear section, and as I headed for the plus-sized rack again, mom steered me back to regular sizes. I ended up with 4 pairs of workout pants in size XL. I wouldn’t try the Larges even though mom wanted me to.

I am struck once again with the sheer number of CHOICES available to me clothing-wise right now. I mean, I literally can shop in THREE departments. How cool is that??

At the beach, mom said she doesn’t think I understand my size right now. She said, “I don’t think you realize you’ve crossed over to normal-sized. I don’t think you can see how different you look.” I explained that I’m still 220 pounds, I’m still obese, and I’m not anywhere near “normal” or “healthy weight.” But I guess she’s right… I don’t stand out as being especially over-fat anymore. I’ve started noticing people who are bigger than me when I’m out and about. It’s strange because I remember always being the biggest one in the room.

Anyhow, that was Friday. The beach and shopping and smaller sizes. I know, right?!

On Saturday, I went cycling with my dad again, but my Uncle George joined us. He’s trying to lose weight and thought that since I was going, he wouldn’t slow anybody down. Problem is? His perception of my fitness level is a bit off! He was really struggling, but he did finish 10 miles. So I didn’t get much of a workout on that ride, but it was a lot of fun! It was nice to finish and not be exhausted.

Then the entire family had dinner at a really nice steak house that cost a stinking fortune, but the food was incredible. Over a few hours, I had salad, onion soup, grilled chicken, some mashed potato, two bites of carrot cake, and coffee. It sounds like a lot, but of course we’re talking about nibbles and bites of everything.

This morning, Lee & I went to church (which we haven’t done in ages because of his work schedule). Then we cleaned the house, and I made fresh salads for lunch. I ate a plum for the first time since surgery. Mmmm.

A really, really great weekend. I’m loving my life!


3 Responses

  1. I am so in awe of you… I wish that my weekend started with a 10 mile bike ride!! I AM going to get there though… and I’m so ready for my weight to start really moving again and to see some changes in my clothes. I think I might be hitting another size, but I am waiting until I get a job to figure out the clothing situation… if it’s teaching – I’ve got to be MUCH more in tune with whether or not my “girls” are showing… (not that I’d wear anything to revealing… but some tops are okay at some jobs and others aren’t at other jobs)

  2. meghan, how wonderful. I’m sure the feeling of being able to have your choice of all those departments was awesome. I’m patiently waiting for it! 🙂

  3. I’m so happy for you! The difference in your before and most recent after pictures is amazing! (Though I would love to see some new After photos as I’m sure you have changed since I saw you in May!).

    I can only imagine your excitement at being able to shop outside the plus section! I got excited just going from a 3X to a 2X! Good for you! I do think it takes us awhile to accept that we are in new sizes and in your case, “normal” sizes! When Plus is all we’ve ever known, that has to be an adjustment!

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