I am happy to report that I did follow my workout plan for this week. I’m back in the saddle, you could say. Spinning class was incredible… we climbed like 4,000 feet or something crazy like that. I’m addicted.

And speaking of cycling and saddles and addiction… I got my new bike! When I started getting into this whole cycling thing, I knew I’d buy a Trek. My dad’s a hard-core Trek fan, so it’s in my DNA. I started shopping around and got my sights set on this little beauty. Behold the Trek FX 7.2 WSD:

I already love her. She’s smooth, she’s cool, she’s a very fun shade of blue! There’s a matching helmet out there somewhere that I must find.

But the miracle is this: this bike retails for $519.99. I knew it was the bike I wanted. The bike I had to have.

And then?

This morning?

I checked Craigslist. And wouldn’t you know it, someone listed this bike for $350. With like 50 miles on it. I called. I went to the bank. I picked it up.

And now she’s mine! I’ll take my first ride on it tomorrow on the bike trail. I’ll let you know how it goes!


2 Responses

  1. She needs a name!!

  2. Hooray for you, Meg! We’re sisters on bike trails now and soon it must be horse trails!
    Love the bike! She is be-ooooo-tiful~!

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