Weekly Schedule

Since I’m starting the PhD program in 24 days, I’m freaking out a little bit about what kind of schedule I’ll have to keep. I’ve spent the summer using my work hours to read blogs, research a billion things, and generally shoot the breeze (after completing my daily tasks, of course). I’m going to lose that freedom pretty quickly.

And there’s so much more to say. On top of working full-time and being an full-time doctoral student, I also need to devise some way to earn extra money to pay for the plastic surgery I so desperately need. It can’t come out of my fellowship funds: that’s for paying down student loans. It can’t come out of our regular household budget for two reasons: (1) we’re using all extra funds to pay off Lee’s motorcycle, and (2) it doesn’t seem fair for Lee to have to sacrifice because of MY fat and MY excess skin. I really want to save up plastic surgery money on my own.

So, I have a plan. There’s an online tutoring company that I won’t name here for fear of linkage, but I’ve secured a job as an online writing tutor. I completed training last week and I’m good to go. No, I’m not insane… I realize I’m already over-burdened, but there’s a way to make this work. I think. If it doesn’t, I’ll let it go with the wave of one giant batwing. (“Batwing,” by the way, is a term Lee finds hilarious. He now refers to my “Batman wing” arms.)

So you can see why I have some anticipatory anxiety over my upcoming schedule. Plus I’ve got a professor who thinks it’s fun to email students constantly with assignments that aren’t due for 4 months. I mean seriously? WHO WANTS THAT CRAP OVER THE SUMMER?

Anyway. After talking this through with my awesome therapist, she suggested that I make an actual flow chart. I’m partial to the one in ink and markers and bright colors that I drafted, but this version portrays the general picture. (click below)


The good:

  • There are enough hours in the week to do what I need to do.
  • The flexibility at work is going to SAVE MY LIFE.
  • If the online tutoring thing doesn’t work, I can dump it.
  • Thank God I have one online class.

Other things to remember:

  • Friday includes tasks like meal planning, grocery shopping, and laundry
  • Every day tasks including whatever reading/writing I need to do for school
  • I’ll probably need to make weekly and daily schedules to deal with specific tasks and assignments
  • Before I leave for work each morning, I’m going to have to be careful about bringing everything I need for the day: 3 meals, gym clothes, toiletries to shower, school clothes, books, etc. I’ll be that lady you see with a gym bag, bookbag, briefcase, and ginormous purse.

The one bad thing: there’s no room in this schedule for hours upon hours of blog reading at work. I may have to save blog reading for Sundays only IF I have all my schoolwork done. Hey, something’s gotta give.

But it’s going to work!


4 Responses

  1. I feel for ya girl. You will get it all done; I have faith in you. xoxo…Jil

  2. Meg,
    I just got through an MBA program so I totally understand! I worked, did outside school consulting and my school work. AND I had surgery during that time. It can be done. If you put your mind to it and manage your time well, you will be fine. Also, remember all the semester breaks that you will get! Woot!

  3. I have faith in you too – but we’ll certainly miss your blog reading… I love getting your comments!

  4. I get tired just looking at that schedule! There isn’t much sleep on a few of those days, but you’re still young and can probably pull it off…hell, you of all people can probably accomplish anything you want to!

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