Quick Notes

You know how much I love bullet points. Here we go:

  • I spent part of the week at St. Pete Beach at my mom’s friend Sandy’s beach house. It was divine. Beachy. Lovely. For some miraculous reason, I wasn’t even allergic to her cats.
  • I am not losing weight for some reason. I am also not freaking out. Yet.
  • Activities this weekend include a 30-mile bike ride, dinner with family, a birthday party for a friend’s kids, and my sister in town on Sunday. Good times!
  • Within the next 7 days, I need to read the following: Graduate Study for the 21st Century, Getting What You Came For, and Thinner Than Thou. These are my last three fun reads before the school reading load begins. Reading Allen Zadoff’s Hungry and Jenette Fulda’s Half-Assed will have to wait until December break.

And that is all.



3 Responses

  1. Wow – I love relaxed beachy reading… although for safety (for me) we’d have to leave out the beach part. I’m glad that you’re resting up for the marathon that you’ll be going through until December.

    Just do what you know is right and that scale will move… it might just need a little break from all that super losing you’ve been doing!

  2. The scale thing…you are probably building up lots of muscle with all the biking you’ve been doing, so don’t panic. Also, plateaus are unfortunately normal, though we despise, loathe and detest them. I’ve had a helluva time moving out of the 250s but am finally almost there. For me, I blame it on lack of exercise due to having children up my butt all day,but that will soon be over. My butt is having lots of issues this week apparently….

  3. dont freak out!

    It can so be muscle which will simply COMPACT YA but make you heavier.
    I weigh a LOT more than people would think….and Im only weight by the doctor 🙂

    he always shocked.

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