Fay is on her way

So the first Tropical Storm of the season (for us) is heading our way. During the busiest week of the entire academic year. So this should be interesting!

You guys, I am stuck at 208 for the SECOND week. I am eating right. I am exercising (31 miles on the bike today!). But I am also stressed, and we know cortisol slows weight loss. Grrr.

This is my last week before school begins for me, and I have a big project to finish that’s due on day 1 for one of the classes. I’m not even sure how I’ll make time for it all this week, but I’ll have to figure it out. Step 1: read at least 400 pages by the end of the day tomorrow.

So while the stress builds and I feel like my life is on the verge of exploding, know this: I LIVE FOR THIS CRAP. I love it.


2 Responses

  1. Good luck!! Maybe Fay will turn out to be just like Edouard?

  2. I feel your pain on the stuck scale as mine finally moved this morning from 250 to 249. I nearly did a dance I was so happy.
    What about the storm? Is it there yet?

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