I am not unaware as to how fortunate we Floridians are that Fay turned out to be such a slow, big, mess of a storm. I’ll take that over a compact dynamo hurricane any day. We haven’t even lost power.


On DAY FIVE of this Tropical Storm weather, can you just shoot me now??

I saw a tree fall down while I was driving on a state road yesterday. And it didn’t fall down because of typical wind-gusts. The dang thing collapsed because the ground is so freaking wet.

The good? All that water fills Florida’s underground aquifers, which means no gigantic sink holes for a while. That’s kinda nice.

But it’s just so dang soggy around here now. Our neighborhood is going to flood if the rain doesn’t stop today. Seriously, the retention pond is full to the brim… it’s about to overflow. And? There are FROGS EVERYWHERE. It’s like a freaking plague.

And this morning? I saw an earthworm cinching across my living room carpet. GET BACK OUTSIDE, CRITTERS!



2 Responses

  1. My goodness – well, on the bright side – I’m glad to hear that you haven’t flooded! I was wondering how you were doing on that front, but hadn’t gotten a chance to ask. It sounds like a multi-day version of what we went through with Alison several years ago.

    I am amazed at how she keeps going back to the ocean and come back for more… then they’re saying she’s headed back to the Gulf this weekend, and then on to torture some other poor people.

    It doesn’t look like she’s going to make it all the way to Texas, but I know you’ll be glad when she’s gone and you see some sunshine again!

    On the bright side though… you can’t be out doing much with the weather like it is… so it’s giving you the time you need to get all that reading done for school, right?

  2. I would have a real issue with worms trying to move into my house. Ick. Frogs are kinda cute, but the locusts, not so much. Hope they aren’t next 😉

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