Here I am once again…

Professing my commitment to push, once again, toward weight loss. I got down to 192, and now I’m suddenly back at 196. It must be the popcorn, bites of dessert, and pancakes. Shame on me. Seriously. I’ve been living like I’m okay where I’m at, and it’s not okay to stay here.

Being in school again has me in a tailspin. I’m barely hanging on to 3 days in the gym when I was accustomed to 5 + a bike ride. I have got to get the schedule worked out so that I can take better care of my body again.

So I’ll be food logging for the next week or so (and you all know how much I hate that) to keep an eye on things. I’ll also be getting up before the sun in order to make it to the gym.

My interim goal is to weigh 174 by the end of 2008. For me, 174 means moving from “obese” to “overweight.” It’s the next big milestone.

And I have 11 weeks. 22 pounds and 11 weeks. It can be done.


3 Responses

  1. of course it can, lovely. You will kick ass and take names.


  2. I’m with you – 22 pounds would make me VERY happy by the end of the year… How can I help support you?

  3. I know you’ll make it, Meg! You have been rocking this thing from the beginning and there is no reason for you to stop now!

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