9 months

Today’s my 9 month “surgiversary” or whatever. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • This surgery works, but then again it doesn’t. I’ve lost weight, so obviously it works. But I also lost weight before I had surgery, and I certainly struggle to lose weight since I’ve had surgery. RNY makes sticking to a food plan easier than it was before: that’s it. No more, no less.
  • I love exercise. I feel good when I do it, I feel bad when I don’t. Cycling is my stress relief, my connection to the great outdoors, and my drive to keep pushing harder. I found my exercise. That said, I still struggle to make myself lift weights. And running? Running is out for now.
  • I may not dump. I can’t be sure because it’s not like I’ve feasted on oreos, but I’m not sure that I dump. I’ve eaten a muffin, an oatmeal cookie, a tiny slice of cheesecake, and literally tons of fruit. Nothing happened. Sugar alcohols are another story.
  • I can feel full! I’ve been saying for months that I can’t feel anything in my pouch and that I never feel full. Yesterday, I finally felt it. It was a Zesty Chicken Bowl from the fresco menu at Taco Bell (yes, I ate at Taco Bell). I could eat a little more than half of it and I was done. Problem is, my pouch empties very rapidly and I could eat again if I let myself.
  • I’m a normal human being. I can eat at any restaurant, at any party, anywhere. If it’s something off-plan, I just nibble on it. But I don’t have to carry food around with me or refuse food at parties. I’m just a normal person.
  • My schedule is my lifeline. Maybe it’s because I’m so busy, but I cannot survive without my schedule. I need a workout schedule, weekly meal plans, daily meal plans, etc. I cannot do any of this living well on the fly because I slip right back into old patterns. I have to plan ahead to live healthy.

And to summarize progress, I’m at 193. I’ve barely lost any weight this month, and it’s because I’ve failed to meal plan and I’ve been eating out almost every meal. I’m back on the wagon today. I’ve lost 171 pounds from my highest weight and 106 since surgery.

My next goal is 174.4 (overweight instead of obese!) by the end of the year, and I’m on track. I need to lose 19 more pounds in 10 weeks, which ought to be achievable.



4 Responses

  1. That is HUGE! CONGRATS! 171 pounds is amazing progress. How proud you must feel.

  2. You are amazing!! I’m with you on my goal for the end of the year… but it’s not happening yet. I’m trying to keep doing what I know I should do and hope that my body catches up in a week or so!

  3. meghan, that is just an awesome post that really resonates with me. Everything you wrote, I’m living. You are right…we are more normal than not. And the fact that you’ve lost so much weight? You are kind of miraculous to me. Shine on, sister.

  4. I love it when you post, Meg, even if I am late to reading it! I so agree with the things you said, but I always do.

    Ya know what I love? Actually feeling “normal”. How amazing is that?

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