Food journaling to come…

The past few weeks have been insane with my semester wrapping up. I’ve had to give myself permission to slack off on the workout routine in order to fit everything else in… like sleeping, and going to work.

My body misses the gym. One more week and I’m done with end-of-the-semester madness for a while.

Fortunately, this hasn’t slowed down my weight loss in any noticeable way yet. In fact, I did some shopping this weekend only to realize that my clothing size has changed yet again. I bought two dresses at Old Navy in size Large, and two pair of pants… one in a size 12 that fits perfectly, and the other a snug size 10. SIZE 10!!

In the meantime, I’m in food journaling hell. I’m doing some research for a class on different types of food journaling, so this week I’m keeping THREE food logs: a paper-based one that measures food groups, a photo food journal, and a calorie-based journal at thedailyplate.

You know how much I hate food journaling. To keep THREE food journals going simultaneously is an ever-loving nightmare.

And it’s even worse when you realize your entire class will see everything you eat for the next 5 days. Eeek!

But, since I’m doing it anyway, I’ll be posting each day’s food here starting tomorrow. Good times.


3 Responses

  1. Good for you with the size 10! Woo Hoo!

    I hate to food journal too….I think I’d rather eat a food journal then journal about what I eat. I don’t have that kind of patience.
    Glad to hear your semester is wrapping up! You deserve a break!

  2. I HAVE to believe that your journals are going to look better than lots of the others in your classes. What’s a photo food journal?

  3. Meg, I have used a ton of different journals. Out of the free ones, my favorite is at It’s flexibile wherein you can add things you want to track and you can add/edit your own custom foods.

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