Food Blogging: Day 1

So I’m keeping 3 food journals right now to compare the types of information they give. I’m doing (1) a photo food log, (2) a dailyplate food journal, and (3) a pen-and-paper journal. I’ll experiment some with the different types here, but for starters, let’s go with the photo food log using my crappy cell phone as a camera. Here’s Monday:

Publix Diet Sweet Tea

Publix Diet Sweet Tea


Faux philly cheese steak with swiss

Faux philly cheese steak with swiss

Pumpkin Pudding with Graham Cracker

Pumpkin Pudding with Graham Cracker

Diet Snapple

Diet Snapple

Protein Bar on the way to school

Protein Bar on the way to school

Protein bar on the way home

Protein bar on the way home

Totally unnecessary 11pm snack

Totally unnecessary 11pm snack

There was also a 22 oz bottle of water I forgot to photograph between the two protein bars. And since you’re dying to know–you can’t stand not having calories and protein grams (or is that just me?)–The Daily Plate calculates the daily total as:

Calories: 1054

Fat: 32g

Carbs: 89g

Protein: 77g

Honestly, this seems like a lot less than I would normally eat. Maybe I’m shy because I know all my classmates will see this stuff. Who knows.

Oh! And I have ONE picture from Thanksgiving that I managed to snag off a family member’s Facebook page. And my digital camera is on order from Amazon. Woohoo! This is me with an Aunt and Uncle before the feasting began.



5 Responses

  1. Meg, Meg, Meg! You are one hot tamale, girl! Holy crap! You have lost so much weight even since I saw you in May and you looked great then! And did you cut your hair as it looks a lot shorter??

    And I have to ask….pumpkin pudding? What is that? I love pumpkin anything and kind of missed the pie this year!

  2. Yes, my hair is GONE! How did I forget to mention that?! I wanted it a little shorter and… poof! It all disappeared. People forget curly hair gets shorter and shorter as it dries. šŸ™‚

    Ok, pumpkin pudding is my new obsession. I eat this EVERY day! It’s:
    1 package of sugar-free, fat-free instant Vanilla pudding
    fat-free milk according to pudding directions
    1 cup canned pumpkin (no sugar added)
    1 Tbsp vanilla extract
    1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice

    Whisk it all together, refrigerate for 10 minutes, and voila! It’s like pumpkin pie, I swear!

  3. Your pretzel nuggets look very, very lonely.

    You, my dear look very, very hot.

  4. Oh man – you look fantastic!! I want that sweater… when it stops fitting – send it to Texas! šŸ™‚

    I think that your classmates will be shocked at how little you eat compared to them, but I completely understand your anxiety about everyone looking at it.

    What is your degree focus again? Just curious because from the looks of the project – are you studying nutrition?

    I just might need the recipe for the cheese-steak!

  5. My degree will be a PhD in Texts & Technology, but the food journaling fits in like this: I’m studying food journaling as a modern form of “hypomnemata” (ancient Greek copybooks where people “recorded” their daily lives), and I’m looking at food journaling through three theoretical lenses: Foucault’s “docile bodies,” Foucault’s “care of the self,” and feminist ethics of care. I’m going to talk about how each of the food journal types (pen-and-paper, online with caloric info, photo food journaling) changes the way we think about and relate to food based on the type of information priveleged in each journal.

    For example, The Daily Plate journal, which focuses on calories, renders our bodies “docile” according to the theory by subjugated the body to the “metaphor of the calorie” (I totally made that up). At the same time, it also allows for building community online because the journal can be “shared” with others. On the Daily Plate, I’m in a group for cyclists and one for 20-somethings–it’s like an automatic cheerleading squad of people supporting you.

    The photo food journal brings into focus the way we eat–I can’t help but notice in my photo food journal that all my eating is either at my desk or in my car, and it’s all alone.

    The pen-and-paper journal focuses on balance between food groups and whether we’re getting enough fruits, vegetables, etc. To me, that’s the most “sane” kind of food journal method available.

    So no, none of it really fits neatly into “Texts & Technology,” but I’m basically looking at different food journaling technologies as texts that change the way we look at food/eating.

    Boring, I know. šŸ™‚

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