It’s Christmas in Blogland!

Queen of the cut & paste girls Jil rocked my world today y’all.

When you have a hard week (finals!) and work is stressful and real-world friends disappoint, only blogworld amigas can lift the dark grey cloud.

And Jil did. After shamelessly revealing my addiction to the world, Jil sent me a package. And wouldn’t you know, it was BLUEBERRY COFFEE! Holy muchacha I can make it at home and consume it in mass quantities!!



Joy at a total surprise!

Joy at a total surprise!

Thanks Jil. You made my day week month!


3 Responses

  1. WOW – that’s awesome! I’m feeling like a slacker blog friend though…

    You look fantastic!!

  2. Nothin’ but love girlie…nothin’ but love! Have some blueberry coffee goodness for us all…lol

    And Meg…you were always such a pretty girl with eyebrows to die for…but you are so stunning these days…I thought it last week when I saw the (Thanksgiving?) pic’s…but my goodness, Lee is a lucky man!

  3. Gotta love the Queen of Cut and Paste! She rocks, but then again, you all do!

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