It’s a Cut & Paste Girlz World!

When I first decided on weight loss surgery, I assumed I’d never be able to eat anything anywhere ever again (save for the generic chicken and broccoli dish available at almost every restaurant).

But you know what? The world is bending to our will, ladies.

Thank you Dr. Atkins, thank you South Beath, and thank you to the 100,000+ Americans who undergo WLS every year.

Starbucks has the skinny lattes and the vivanno drinks. Chick-fil-A and their glorious diet lemonade. Even Olive Garden and their flatbreads!

My most recent discovery, however, has me almost doing the hula. Did you know Planet Smoothie does low-carb shakes?! You probably did. I’m probably the last person on earth to realize this.

BUT! 22 ounces of sheer chocolate milkshake delight for 150 calories and 25 grams of protein? Umm, YEAH! And even better, I had a coupon. So while the chocolate shake is degrading in the refrigerator, I’m enjoying a free pina colada milkshake. Hence the hula.

It’s a cut & paste world, I tell ya!


3 Responses

  1. So not fair! I’ve never even heard of a Planet Smoothie!

    Depressed Cut and Paste girl

  2. I’m sad too – no Planet Smoothie here either – that I know of… but what I wouldn’t give for a Pina Colada shake!!

  3. They will be assimilated…Muahahaha đŸ™‚

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