On the Trail

Lee’s on vacation from work this week, so he joined my dad and me on the bike trail for our weekly ride. Except Lee couldn’t make it. He was exhausted after about 10 miles! I knew my hubby has gained a few pounds, but I’ve never known him to exhaust from any kind of physical activity–he’s one of those people who’s just always ready to play!

So I don’t know if it’s the bike he was on. Or the pace my dad and I are up to (though we slowed a lot for him!). Or that he just doesn’t ride, like, ever. But I outlasted Lee in an outdoor activity! Not that I like to see him struggle, but he has always been so much more fit than me that it was always me struggling to keep up.

Of course, his ego has been damaged and he’s now committing to the gym. So we’ll see how that goes.

But on our way back to the truck, at a snail’s pace, dad and I were playing around. Dad got out his blackberry and was texting while riding (really!) and then took a bunch of pictures. It’s not a great photo, but for some reason, I love it. It’s me doing what I do!

Bike trail

And yes, we’re dorks and we wear all the safety gear!


3 Responses

  1. It is smart to wear all the gear…anyone who has heard a good bike crash story wears their gear. Congratulations on outlasting Lee. I have a husband who excels at all things physical and the one time I beat him riding I was in heaven! BTW…I love your blog.

  2. I think it’s great that you’re doing what you enjoy but being smart enough to wear the safety gear. Poor Lee – that had to be a blow to the ego, BUT it gives him something to work toward… and what a moment for you! I wouldn’t know what to do if I beat someone at something physical… or not beat, but outlasted… what a moment… I’d want it documented in a photo too – dorky or not!

  3. and you look totally tiny in that photo! I can’t wait to go riding again but here it is too damn cold to go now!

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