So as a little surprise from the heavens this morning, I stepped on the scale to see a magic number: 174.4.

At 5’4″, that gives me a BMI of 29.9.

I am officially NOT obese! (at least when naked on my bathroom scale).

I am officially OVERWEIGHT! Seems silly to celebrate, but you guys know how monumental this is! I’m NOT OBESE! Bye bye, ugly label-of-a-word!

Hi, I’m Meghan, and I’m NOT OBESE!



3 Responses

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations Meg!! You’ve worked hard and earned that… I completely understand why it feels good, and I hope to be there soon too!

  3. See, I told you that you looked skinny on that bike and you told me you were “obese”! You so weren’t!!!

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