Second Plastics Consult

So my first plastics consult went well, but it left me with some lingering questions:

  • Can I find a doctor who would do the brachio & mastopexy all at once, saving money and time off from work?
  • What’s worse–two surgeries 6 weeks apart, or two procedures on the same day?

Today I met with Dr. Hartog who did one of my friends’ and several acquaintance’s breast implants. He was also high on my list of possibilities since I know actual people who like their results from his work.

I’ll start by comparing him with the previous doctor: less time spent with me, less focus on my status as a bariatric patient, and less regimented when it comes to pre-op testing (Dr. Albear’s albumin, protein, and mammogram compared to Dr. Hartog’s blood work done in-office two weeks prior to surgery). I don’t think this is a bad thing, per se… it just seems like he’s plenty comfortable operating on me with one complete blood test rather than multiple tests over time. Dr. Hartog only requires a mammogram if the patient is 35 or older.

So anyway, Dr. Hartog explained that he would prefer to do the barchioplasty and breast lift separately, but only because it minimizes anesthesia time and therefore risks associated with blood clots. He made it clear that both procedures together would only take him about 4 hours, so he’s fine doing them together if that’s what I prefer. It would be possible to do them two weeks apart if that’s what I wanted (umm… no thanks!)

After examining me, he did want to give me quotes that included a very small breast implant along with the lift. I had explained that while I’m okay with my current size (36 full C/small D), I don’t really want to be any smaller. He said that without an implant I’d probably still be a C, but not very full. I’d have a more “round, compact breast.” In my mind, compact = small, so I’m considering the idea of the small implant. It wouldn’t be for big honker hooters, but just for shape and fullness. But I’ll decide on that later.

So anyway.

Bottom line:

For a brachioplasty and mastopexy and implants, the grand total would be $9,956 including all the discounts and what-not. As with Dr. Albear’s quote ($10,665 without implants), this does not include the anesthesiologists’ fee. For Dr. Hartog, that would be $1,090 (Dr. Albear didn’t provide that info). Dr. Hartog’s fee does include surgery garments; Dr. Albear’s does not.

In terms of other differences, Dr. Hartog said he does not usually place drains for either brachioplasties or mastopexies, which is a bit of a relief but also a bit unusual. Most of the people on the OH plastics boards did have drains, so I’m a little confused by that. But he said that if I needed them, he’d put them in.

So I guess if I had to say I’m leaning one way right now, it’s probably toward Dr. Hartog for three reasons:

  1. He has operated on people I actually know
  2. Proximity to home
  3. Ability to get everything done at once

And the price is actually a bit better with Dr. Hartog, so that’s just an added bonus. Now if by some miracle my insurance is going to cover this, I’ll go with Dr. Albear all the way since he’s the only one who takes insurance.

Next up: consult with another local area surgeon next week and the USF residency program the following week. I want to have a surgery date booked and a deposit down by the end of January so I can put it out of my mind for a while.


2 Responses

  1. Whew! I can’t believe it’s actually time for you to start going through all of this… it seems like it wasn’t that long ago you were going in for your initial surgery, but I now that it’s almost on your 1st anniversary!

  2. Wow! So much to take in at one time! Cost and safety would be the biggies for me. I know someone who got their plastics after WLS done in a strip mall which made me shudder! Glad you are doing your research and comparison shopping!

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