Reward System 2009

It’s time for Reward System Reloaded / Part II / 2009 Edition! The original reward system was a smashing success, but losing weight is harder now and the rewards are fewer and far between.

Here’s the new amped up version that I’ll be using all the way to GOAL!

My vision for the year is this: by end of spring semester / summer brachioplasty, I want to be at about 155 ish. After surgery, the whole plan is DON’T GAIN over the summer. Then next fall I’ll focus on losing my last ten pounds. That seems like a reasonable progression. Of course, getting down to my goal of 145 by May would be nice too, I just don’t think it’s doable.

174.4: Hooray!! Bye-bye, obesity! done! Woohoo!

170: Shop! Use your birthday coupon and gift certificate to buy a little somethin’ at Old Navy! Celebrated a little early at 172.

164: 200 pounds lost! Get a pedicure and a massage!

160: Shop! Spend Ross gift card!

155: You’ve met a personal weight goal! Schedule a day at the beach no matter how busy school might be.

150: You’ve met a personal weight goal!

145: GOOOOOAL! Welcome to “normal!” Take yourself on a hot air balloon ride to celebrate! Get your metabolic rate tested! Set to work on a maintenance reward system!

* I reserve the right to switch this up however I darn well please.


2 Responses

  1. That’s so great Megs!

    I can’t help but feel like I need an intervention because I am SO far from my goal. My goal is right around yours – which might be wrong, but I’m only half way there. 😦 I’m so totally frustrated right now!

  2. You’re doing so well, Meg! You make me want to come at my own goals with renewed strength!

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