Plastics Consult 3

I’m going to keep this quick since it’s a crazy busy day today, with work and prepping for school tonight.

Plastics consult three was very informative. The doctor was clearly well-versed on major weight loss patients and body contouring procedures. In fact, he recommended an upper body lift instead of a breast lift in my case, and insisted on at least four months between that and the brachioplasty. His knowledge and expertise were apparent. And his office smelled like clean laundry.

Unfortunately, his expertise also includes using hospitals instead of surgical centers and other costly “upgrades.” The total price for arms and breasts (upper body lift) with this doctor? A whopping $17,980. No “book now and save $x!” bonuses either.

I am certain I’d get the best results with this doctor, although I’m not sure I’d want the scars associated with a whole upper body lift procedure (they extend to the back around the bra line and HELLO? we wear bathing suits in Florida!)

But $17,980? Probably not.

I’ll keep you posted on tomorrow’s consult!


One Response

  1. Wow, that’s tough – but I completely understand the scarring issues as well as the price tag being so much higher. It’s amazing – I was telling John about the costs after your first consult… and I found it amazing that for all the time and sculpting that has to be done with plastics… not to mention how much longer it takes than the RNY… it’s only HALF the cost! Unreal!

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