Plastics Consult 4

All I have to say is AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Information overload.

Basically, today’s consult was excellent but very, very expensive. I’m getting closer to a decision, but it’s going to require a follow-up consult with the 2nd doctor I saw, which is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Coming up:

Thursday 1/22: meet with Dr. Marzek

Monday 1/26: meet with Dr. Pope (may be cancelled if he won’t waive the consult fee like everyone else has)

Tuesday 1/27: meet with Dr. Hartog a second time

Wednesday 1/28: USF residency program in Tampa with mom

Thursday 1/29: decision and deposit day

I am totally and completely over this process and cannot wait to get this crap over with. My advice? DON’T EVER GET FAT IN THE FIRST PLACE.



One Response

  1. Well, NOW you tell me. πŸ™‚

    My goodness – you certainly have more patience for consults than I do… I probably would have put my limit on 2 maybe 3 at the most. I admire your dedication though, and am gaining lots of knowledge through your experiences. THANK YOU!!

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