Plastics Consult 5

Peace. Serenity. Calm.

That’s what I’m feeling today after meeting with Dr. Marzek.

His office felt like a doctor’s office. Not a spa, not a retreat, not a gallery of postmodern furniture. A plain old doctor’s office.

And Dr. Marzek felt like a doctor. Not a Ken doll, not a socialite, but a bona fide doctor. Complete with a hideous necktie.

I can’t really explain why, because I can’t say I’m sure this is the doctor that would give me the straightest, cleanest scars or the tightest result, but I feel very comfortable with him. He is perfectly fine with doing the brachioplasty and breast lift together. Doesn’t recommend implants since I have “an intact breast mound.” (That just cracks me up for some reason.)

After meeting with him for well over an hour, I was curious to see what his prices would be like. I thought he might come out somewhere in the middle of the quotes I’ve received, and I was right. His price was $11,333.75.

So I worked up my nerve and asked the financial coordinator, “I hope this isn’t totally inappropriate, but I liked Dr. Marzek very much. If it came down to choosing between him and another surgeon based on price, would it be possible for me to show you the other surgeon’s quote to see if we could work on Dr. Marzek’s price a little bit?” and I told her specifically which other surgeon I was thinking about.

She said, “Oh sure, we know him! Fax us his price and we’ll match it. I’ll have to show the doctor first, of course, but it shouldn’t be a problem.”

And I said, “Wonderful. I have two more consultations and should be in touch soon.” But I was really thinking, “WAHOOO!!! Experienced massive weight loss surgeon for a botox-factory-surgeon price! Cha-CHING!” Not that any of it is cheap, however.

So if I had to book right now, it would be with Dr. Marzek’s office. I just feel safe with him, and I feel like he understands my body as a massive weight loss patient and the results I’m looking for. He has operated on people like me, and he understands that I’m not the same as a skinny 20-year-old looking for breast implants in an otherwise perfect body.

And it’s also just something about him. He seems like a regular guy. I’m a regular girl. It’s only natural that he should chop my skin off. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like the choice is becoming clear – I’m so happy that you found a doctor that you can be completely comfortable with. That’s at least 90% of the battle!

  2. I think it is awesome that you asked for them to meet the price (or at least come down some!)! I don’t know that before reading this if I’d have had the nerve but I do now!

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