Decision time!

I heard back from USF after leaving a voice mail from their scheduler this morning. She got a quote for using one surgery center, and another surgery center may actually cost less but she doesn’t have an answer back from them yet. I’ve attached their quote and Dr. Hartog’s quote in case you want to see them.

Hartog’s price $9,884 includes:

  • implants
  • board-certified plastic surgeon
  • local

USF’s price $7,142 includes:

  • no implants (they rebuild boobs using side and armpit fat they say)
  • surgical residents
  • about 2 hours from home

Let’s assume 4 trips to Tampa should be factored in: another pre-op visit, surgery day, and 2 post-op visits. Mapquest says with my vehicle’s miles per gallon that’s a $26.52 round trip. Let’s say $30 with tolls. So we’re talking $120 in transportation costs. That’s a revised Tampa cost of $7,262.

That’s a difference of $2,622.

Dr. Hartog’s price without the implants was $8647. So comparing apples to apples (or boobs to boobs?), USF is a savings of $1,385.

This comes down to implants guys. If I know I want implants, it makes sense to go to Hartog who will place them at the time of my lift and pump them up a week later through a tube, because I’m sure I’d spend more than $2,622 to get them placed later.

The question is whether I need implants if they can pump up my boobs with my own fat (assuming I have any left by the time I reach a weight of 155, which is what I estimate at the time of surgery. I’m already at 167.2 today).

I called Lee and he automatically leans toward Hartog because he has experience and he doesn’t want the “kids” (i.e. residents) working on me. He also thinks implants are worth $2,622. In his words, “do you want the V6 engine or the V8? When I bought my car you said get the GT. I’m saying get the GT.” But then he finished with, “Talk to your family and see what they think.”

You’re my blog family. What do you think?


4 Responses

  1. Personally I think youd be better off going with the local, experienced guy. A friend of mine had some of her own fat taken out during a tummy tuck procedure, put in her butt cheeks as they were quite flat, and her butt has been numb ever since! I’m sure this is a rare occurance, but not worth the risk, specially when it comes to boobies hehe

    I think the extra $2622 will be worth it.

    How exciting though, that you are going to book your plastics!! Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. I’m laughing out loud at Lee’s comments. I had to share with my cubicle neighbor!

    I say go with Dr. Hartog… you’re comfortable with him – you’ll get experience, and the implants. The thing that worries me is you go through all of that with the “kids” and what if you don’t like what they rebuild? At least this way you’re getting something that you know what it’s going to look like in the end. (or sort of)

    I’m with Lee… go with the experience, the ease of proximity, and your own comfort with his explination of the proceedures.

  3. I am with Janene, Kim and Lee. Might as well go with the local guy you are comfortable with. I can’t imagine having to ride in a car for hours after having surgery…

  4. De-lurking for this comment: Having had plastic surgery for other reasons, I’d go with the local, experienced guy who has the recommendation of people you know. Even though it’s part of what you’re getting rid of, I always say ‘go with your gut’

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