I totally fainted

I want to write about this mainly for documentation. I *hope* it doesn’t keep happening!
So I’ve noticed that sometimes when I’ve been sitting awhile and I stand up, I feel a little faint, as if blood is rushing away from my head. I have to kind of stop, wait a second, and then walk wherever I’m going. This is my new normal, no big deal, I’m used to it.
Last night, Lee & I went out to dinner with some friends. Before dinner, I was trying not to snack, so I made coffee in the afternoon. I had 3 cups of coffee between 3pm and 6pm, and I knew I’d be over-caffeinated.
Dinner was at 8 at Kiku, a Japanese steak house. I had a few bites of rice, veggies, chicken, and steak and got full. I brought the rest home and munched on leftover rice while I was packing Lee’s lunch for today. Then I had a banana because I was dying for something sweet. (Hello high glycemic index: rice + banana!??)
So I finished watching CSI and went to join Lee in bed. Since I was so hyped on caffeine from earlier, I started reading in bed to fall asleep. Once I was sufficiently drowsy, I stood up to turn of the lamp.
And that’s all I remember, until Lee came rushing to my side. I woke up on the floor. I could see that I set my book on the night stand, so I remembered I had gotten up to turn off the lamp. I could feel that I must have hit my head on something because it hurt like crazy. I fell so that my face was actually touching the carpet! This was not a graceful fall! I still have no memory after standing up.
I guess I fainted?
Then all could do was laugh about it. So as I lay there in bed, all caffeinated, I started wanting to write this down. But now I was feeling sweaty and shaky, as if I was on the verge of fainting again. I’d sit up, wait to see if I could stand, and have to lay down again. If I stood up, I was going to pass out.
Eventually, I woke Lee up and asked him to bring me an apple and some paper so I could write (the caffeine was making me want to write to-do lists!) When he got frustrated with me because I kept waking him up, I felt bad and started to cry. Then I couldn’t stop laughing again. I have no idea if the emotional state of this whole incident is relevant, but I don’t do a whole lot of giggling or crying over stupid stuff, so it seems relevant to me.
So. I ate my apple. I had my paper. And as started writing, I noticed my handwriting was ridiculously shaky. Like kindergartener-style. Obviously, I was in worse shape than I realized. After the apple, I felt a bit better and was eventually able to stand and turn off the lamp.
I slept like a baby the rest of the night.
So. Is this low blood sugar after rice and banana (STUPID me)? Does that make this reactive hypoglycemia? Is this a “swoosh”? What the crap is happening to me? (Beth, what do you think??)
I’m suddenly feeling the urge to get in to see my primary doctor and have some labs done to see if anything substantial is “off.” But if it’s just low blood sugar, maybe I can just prevent it by eating how I’m supposed to and all will be well?
Can you imagine if something like this happened right after my brachioplasty? I could seriously burst my arm stitches! I’m not having any surgery until I know I’m 100% healthy!

6 Responses

  1. Oh wow – at first I thought it might be a blood pressure issue, but it does sound like it might be more blood sugar related. Please be careful!! Do get checked out – do you have a blood glucometer? Maybe you could check your sugar levels for a few days before seeing the doctor if you do… at least that will tell them what happens when you eat.

    I’m worried about you… 😦

  2. Crap, Meg! Get thee to a PCP pronto! Can’t have you passing out all over the place! Please keep us informed (I know you will!).

  3. OH YOU.

    Sounds like blood sugar right now – but if you had no pre-symptoms at all? Were you shaky, confused, sweaty at all JUST before that point?

    IF NOT… welcome to swoosh-land. Sorry you’re here.

    The docs will shrug it off most likely as a blood pressure drop.

    I would consider a blood sugar meter – just in case.

  4. Megs

    every single solitary time I stand up, move from sitting to standing, from laying to sitting…I get majorly dizzy, my vision goes mostly black, and my knees turn to jello.

    I’m fairly confident that it’s low blood pressure, and when I switch positions my blood just has a hard time catching up to my brain, but lordy, it happens EVERY time I stand up from laying or reclining. EVERY TIME. I’d say at least once a day I get jello knees accompanying the functional black outs and I think I MAY pass out.

    I hope it’s not blood sugar issues and just blood pressure issues. 🙂 blood sugar issues seem more complicated?

  5. […] eat anything, let me be clear: anything except simple carbs compounded one after the other. Like rice followed by banana = carb coma following by sweats followed by fainting. Or, in other works, hypoglycemia. Not on my […]

  6. Could be blood sugar, see: http://www.reactivehypoglycemia.info/articles/top-ten-signs-that-you-may-have-reactive-hypoglycemia/. Maybe you could buy a home testing kit? You can usually get one for free on the web. Steph

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