Whoa Nelly

Today’s a big day.


I have officially lost 200 pounds. 364 to 164.

I’m so excited to start the part of the journey where I can now say “I’ve maintained a 200 pound weight loss for X number of years!”

I’m still officially overweight by 19 pounds (145 is the highest “normal” weight for my height). But I’m wearing size 10 jeans today, and I feel incredible, and I’m healthy. Any weight loss now is just an added bonus. Any weight loss now is just wiggle room for me to maintain my 200 pound loss!

And with his huge milestone, it’s reward time! I’ve totally earned that pedicure and massage! Unfortunately, I’ve got two major conference presentations this weekend so I’m cramming like crazy to get those done, I’ll be traveling all around Florida this weekend, and then maybe I’ll get to squeeze my reward in the beginning of next week.

Whew! What a ride lately. Life is nuts.


5 Responses

  1. MEG!! I’m so proud of you! You need to take a day off next week and pamper yourself… or if nothing else – Spring Break is coming right?! If you have to wait until then… I say you work in a facial too or something else… maybe a day of pampering AND a day at the beach – a place you love… and in a HOT new bathing suit too!

  2. Wow, Meg! That is truly incredible! 🙂 I am so happy for you. Just think, when you have your plastics, you will probably lose another 10 lbs at least b/c of excess skin!
    I’m SOOO happy for you!

  3. Meg! You are amazing! Good for you! You have worked your ass off for it, literally! Treat yourself and have a great time doing it!

  4. That’s an amazing loss Meg, well done!

  5. Ladies and gentlemen…I give to you, “The Incredible Edible Mini Meg”…

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