In my typical style (bullets):

  • 2 conferences down, 2 to go (Rhode Island and New Orleans). They went very well! At the conference on gender studies, I received 7 condoms in my “goodie bag.” Including banana and vanilla flavored.
  • Speaking (frankly) of condoms, I don’t need to be worried that I stopped birth control in January and still haven’t had a “lady visit” from Aunt Flo, right? Condoms are 99% effective, right? RIGHT?! I just need to be patient. It’s just my body getting back into its own, non-artificial-hormone groove. RIGHT?? Because a surprise right now is so not on the spreadsheet!
  • 7 weeks til brachioplasty/boobs. Wahoo.
  • Beach today. WAHOO! Pictures coming!
  • And here’s the biggie: I ran a mile last night. If you recall, I quit the C25K program a while back because it was just too danged hard. Last night, I took to the treadmill again and banged out a mile with no problem. Screw the C25K plan, it’s too structured. Here’s what I’m doing: every other day, I’ll do 3.1 miles… run as much as I can, walk the rest. Eventually, I’ll get up to running the whole thing and voila! 5K! (I’m aiming for this one April 25th. But no pressure, it’s just a maybe thing.
  • In the spirit of full disclosure, my 200-pound weight loss lasted all of 12 hours. But that’s my cycle–down a few, up one, down one, up one, down a few, up one, down one… you get the drift. Since I saw 164 I know it will be back. No biggie! I guess this is how “losing” works when you’re getting near the end. ??

OK, I’m off to avoid sunburn!


3 Responses

  1. Welcome back!!

    7 condoms, huh… 🙂 I’d totally get yourself a test and check it out for peace of mind. It might be a hormonal inbalance… but you know how out of WACK my hormones are – and I had a period within 35 days of stopping the pill.

    Congratulations on the mile… amazing! I’m going to start giving the running thing a whirl too – just trying to get John recovered. Which by the way he’s losing like 2 pounds a DAY! He’s already passed 1/3 of the way to the amount I’ve lost. ARG!

    Hang in there – you’re still my WLS hero!

  2. So jealous of the beach! It’s still cold here though we did have two warm days this week thankfully!

    Your body is probably just readjusting to life off the pill, but don’t rule out the surprise! It could happen!

    I so want to run! I’ve been scoping out good sports bras because I did not lose any boobage in over 100 pounds lost, dangit! Thanks to Jillian Michael’s radio show I may have found one but still have to get an accurate measurement of myself…oh and finish healing from this gall bladder thing!

    Great to see a blog post from you! I’ve missed you!

  3. I hope you enjoyed the beach! Yes, condoms are 99% effective, but us cut and paste girls like to defy the odds, look at my 0.0025% complication rate, and I got it! Definitely get yourself a test for piece of mind! 🙂

    Congrats on the mile! You’re rocking it!

    And YES!! The scale is evil, pure evil when you get to this point. Just breathe, and know it will teeter back down. It’s madly frustrating!


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