So here’s what’s up.

Four of us girls at work started a new bible study / interest group on the topic of health, wellness, the body, and the Bible. I led our first meeting yesterday and we talked about our goals, what keeps us from those goals, how we can hold each other accountable / encourage each other in pursuing those goals, etc. There are two of us who want to lose 20 pounds, one who wants to lose 50 or more before trying to get pregnant, and one who is already at an ideal weight but needs help with meal ideas and eating well on a budget.

Once we had our goals mapped out, I focused on vegetables and shared recipes for really yummy veggie dishes. Despite how well it went, I left our meeting feeling frustrated. Our group member who needs to lose 50 pounds talks about wanting to lose weight all the time. But throughout our session yesterday, she was making excuse after excuse–real sugar is better than artificial sweeteners, and she can’t have unsweetened coffee, so she must put sugar in her coffee. (My suggestion for raw cane sugar was scoffed at.) Then came excuse after excuse about needing to indulge every now and then, not being able to exercise, blah blah blah. And all this? With a Dr. Pepper and potato chips in hand. That was her food choice for a health & wellness bible study snack! Suffice to say, I find this all very annoying… not because she eats non-diet foods… I say eat whatever you want! But to eat crappy food and constantly whine about not losing weight? Seriously? And she isn’t the kind of person you can just be “straight” with and be like, “dude, don’t you think an orange juice might be better than Dr. Pepper for the same amount of calories?” She cries at the drop of a dime. I’m at a loss for how to help her–she thinks she has it all figured out. I guess if she really wanted help she would ask for and accept it, so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and hope she can learn something as we go.

So aside from all that, I’ve “assigned” everyone the task of creating a health & wellness vision board for our next session two weeks from now. I’m actually pretty excited about doing this… I think it will help me think through what I really want in terms of a healthy & balanced life, what kinds of things I need to work toward, what a well-banced, maintenance-phase ME will look like. So that should be fun!

Other than that, I just finished my 3rd conference of the semester last weekend in Rhode Island–my sister went with me and we had so much fun! She took all the pictures and I’ll post some as soon as she emails them to me.

Aaaand my body is still all out of whack from stopping birth control. I finally did take a pregnancy test just to be triple-sure, and thankfully I’m not pregnant just yet. Just waiting for my hormones to get into a groove again!

Surgery just over 4 weeks away. I’m super-excited to get it done and over with!! And I’m actually very much looking forward to my new boobs! πŸ™‚

Family pictures at the beach on Sunday (clothed of course). That should be fun!


3 Responses

  1. I have a friend like that too. Though she does exercise, she just won’t bend on things like soda or sugar. I’ve always kind of felt that she is just not truly ready to make a change as to make a change, you have to be willing to change. Sounds like this may be true of this chick too. I mean to come to a group about health and wellness with that particular snack? C’mon. That would be like going to a weight watchers meeting toting a banana split! Maybe the best you can do for her is to allow her to be there and hope that your actions and the actions of the others somehow inspires her to truly want to change. Right now, I don’t think she does.

  2. Well, it sounds like she’s either sabotaging herself for a reason – or has some SERIOUS hormone issues happening. I can’t say for sure – because I know that my desire for potato chips and Dr. Pepper has sort of skyrocketted this last week or so… not that I’m completely indulging. I allow myself to bumm a chip or two off of someone if I really want it – I just don’t buy a bag for myself.

    I sort of see where she’s coming from – I used to be the same way – I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted to stick with the things I liked and was comfortable with – BUT that isn’t what it’s all about. I think that is the gift we’re given with surgery – because we literally HAVE to break up with food for a while, and it gives us a little time to get our heads on straight before reintroducing the food back to our system. Sort of like a reset button.

    She needs to really sit back and examine what she wants to do – what her goals are – and how much she’s willing to do to get there. 50 pounds aren’t just going to fall off one day to allow you to get healthy for pregnancy…

    Does she have fertility issues? The emotional part of that is enough to drive an emotional eater right into the candy aisle… I can promise you that!

    Surgery in 4 weeks – I can’t even believe it! You’re going to be the poster child for WLS! πŸ™‚ WIth those new perky boobies!

  3. The group sounds very exciting!! I wish it were closer so I could join it as well!

    I completely understand your frustrations, and I agree with both Kims… She apparently isn’t ready to embrace losing weight yet, and quite possibly has underlying issues. The hardest step of losing weight is getting out of the comfort zone. Whether it is cutting out your “best friends” of sugar and snack foods, or making life altering decisions like us cut & paste girls.

    I hope these last four weeks before your surgery go by quickly!! I’m so excited for you! πŸ™‚

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