Best line of the day

A student walks into my office. I don’t know all our students (we communicate mostly via email and phone), but she certainly looks familiar. I know her. She knows me.

She says,”Hi. Ummm… hi. Uhhhh… You’re not Meghan, are you?”

I say, “Yeah… I’m Meghan. How are you?”

She says, “OH MY GOD I DID NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE YOU!!! How long has it been since I’ve seen you. OH MY GOD!”


I mean really?! She wasn’t even sure I was me? She was so sincere with the “you’re not meghan, are you?”



3 Responses

  1. Ha! i love it! 🙂 that had to make you feel great, right? 🙂

  2. That’s so cool… it’s hard for me to imagine people not recognizing me, but I guess it could happen! Very cool! 🙂 Just wait till you get those boobies and look completely different yet AGAIN!

  3. Aren’t those fun? I had several of those kinds of moments in England as there were folks there I had not seen in several years. The compliments are still a little hard for me to hear, but yet secretly, I love them!

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