Mrs. Fakey Fakerson

I have a confession. To go with my fake boobs, I also got a fake wedding set. Let me explain.

When Lee and I got married almost five years ago, I thought the whole “white gold” thing was just a trend. I liked it better, but I was certain it would be out of style in no time. I picked yellow gold in a three-stone ring configuration for our engagement, and a channel set band to match. Here’s a picture of the engagement ring:


Since losing 200 pounds, my rings are sliding off. It’s time to either get them resized or get them replaced. Lee & I have been shopping for a new white gold set to coincide with our 5-year anniversary, but honestly… the prices make me choke. Especially when I already have perfectly good gold rings I can just  have sized down.

Anyway, what we ended up with is a temporary fix. It’s a white gold “synthetic diamond” (read: CZ) set we got a great deal on yesterday. It’s not huge fakey-fake looking, but it fits and it’s giving me a chance to decide if white gold is what I really want.

286917I’m not trying to pass it off as real, and I’ll tell this same scenario to anyone who asks. Although my dad said my grandparents would be so horrified by fake jewelry that it would be better to lie to them (which I will not do). Anyway, I know to some of you this will be absolutely no big deal. To others, CZ’s may be the utmost in tackyness.

So I have fake boobs and fake diamonds.

And here we are, 5 years later, neither Lee nor I wearing our original wedding bands. His was replaced by a stronger titanium band a few years back, and I’ve got my temporary white gold stand-in for now.

Still, I feel like an imposter! (A very sparkly, well-endowed imposter!)


4 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHA! I think that it doesn’t matter what anyone else says – as long as you’re happy – who cares?! My ring is white gold… and if I had it to do over again – I’d go with platinum. Only because really all white gold is is a special dip on top of yellow gold… so after wearing my ring for the last 8 years – it is fairly yellow now… and I need to get it redipped. I also need to get it sized because I’m still wearing it on my middle finger… I guess I’ll do both at the same time.

  2. Bob’s had fake … and real. Three in total?

    I’ve had THREE diamonds…. and two bands.

    It happens.

  3. So you showed us the fake rings…I wanna see the fake boobs! How soon before pics??

  4. Yep, as long as you like it, and the love is real, be happy! 🙂

    I prefer white gold or platinum as well… with my pale ass complexion yellow gold seems to look washed out on me. 😦

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