Earth to Meghan

It’s time for one of those periodic check-ins that keep me grounded, healthy, and engaged with my overall wellness. It’s difficult to keep close tabs on all of this during hectic mid-semester rushes with my coursework, but this summer I’m doing an independent study and an online course, so it’s a bit easier to spend time thinking about my health & wellness.

So here are the areas I’ll be thinking through and addressing:

  • Counseling: is it time to stop? do I keep going? I started counseling right before surgery simply because it’s recommended for us. My appointments went from every week, to bi-weekly, and now they’re every 4 weeks or so. I don’t mind going, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just one more thing to keep track of. My sense is that it’s better to keep going even if I don’t think I need it. When I don’t have anything to talk about weight/body wise, I still get lots of great advice when it comes to PhD work (since my psychologist has been there, done that!) and so forth. So I’ll continue through summer, re-evaluate before things get busy for me again this fall.
  • Nutrition: I need to do some serious work on this front. Sure, I’d like to lose those last twenty pounds so I can be officially “normal” at 145 pounds. Today I’m back at 165 and this is where my body seems to want to stay! I’m not as worried about the numbers now (since I’m healthy and strong and I feel good), but I do want to pay attention to how well I’m nourishing my body. Based on the bible study at work, I’ve been learning more about the food pyramid and we’re all trying to do better as far as that goes. So I definitely need waaaay more vegetables, more fruit, and less processed crap. I will be working on reaching a balance I can live with throughout the summer, and then working off those meal ideas throughout the fall when I’m too busy to pay attention.
  • Exercise: I’ve done okay on this, but I’m down for the count right now after surgery. Beginning June 3rd after my tapes are off, I’m committing to 5 days per week in the gym, consisting of a mix of spinning, weight lifting, yoga, and whatever else I feel like. Then on Saturdays I’ll pick back up with the bike trail. It’s a privilege to be able to workout 6 days a week, and I don’t want to waste the opportunity while I have the time!
  • Supplements: I’m currently re-evaluating my supplement regiment based on what other long-term post-ops are recommending. I haven’t had many of the blood tests most people get… my surgeon only checks the CMP/CBC/and B12. I’ll be researching this and I’ll report on what I decide!
  • Relationships: It’s important to me that I make time this summer to touch base with some of my friends, my mentor (an old boss), go visit my sister in Jacksonville, etc. I don’t have time for this stuff during semesters, so I want to do it while I can!
  • Plastics: Depending on how my arms heal and how they look once swelling is done, I’ll make a decision about what I want to do next. I thought a thigh lift made sense for the next thing before we have kids, and I still think that’s the plan. But we’ll see how the arms turn out before I decide if I want to jump right in or find another surgeon, that kind of thing. Either way, I’ll want to have a decision made by the end of August so that if I’m doing it, it’s booked for December break. Just one more thing on my mind that I’d like to have resolved this summer!

So that’s where I am and what I’m working on. I’ll be focusing on each “pillar” of my health, reporting back here, and asking for any feedback you might have! In the meantime, I’m researching my little heart out! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. This is exactly why I love you – you are always working and researching to do better… not in an overly obsessive kind of way, but just for your own health and progress. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

    I have my results from my last bloodwork – so let me know if you want to see the LAUNDRY list of things he checks.

  2. Holy crap, Meg, I can hardly keep up with you now and when you have kids, I’m just going to be exhausted!

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