Long time no see!

Well hello there! Yes, I’ve been gone for a while. No, you probably don’t care. Yes, that means I’m going to do a bulleted list of updates. Weee!

  • I’m currently typing on my new Macbook Pro, which I looooove. My Dell crashed a few weeks back, and with it went ALL of my pictures of our honeymoon, house being built, old house, family vacations, etc. And then there was also the documents from the first year of PhD coursework. But hey, you live and learn. Yes, I got an external hard drive this time. And an iphone. I’m wired, baby!
  • I went to the Emergency Room last week. Something got stuck during lunch Tuesday, hurt like a mutha, and I finally went in Wednesday late morning. I threw up over and over again (apparently, my pouch is HUGE!) and it eventually went away. God, it was horrid.
  • I’m working VBS  this week. I have NINE two year-olds in my class, and they’re adorable and exhausting!
  • My weight is a mess. My scale needs batteries and I’m too scared to get on it anyway. I’m way past the danger zone, and I need need need to get my ass in gear. Seriously, my behavior scares me. I’ve been on two bikes rides in the past two weeks (25 miles and 40 miles), but that’s it. No gym time. I feel like  my belly is distended from here to China. I feel massive and lethargic and crappy. I know how to fix it: back to basics.
  • My healing has progressed a ton in the last week. The last hole in my arm incisions closed up. Now it’s just a matter of treating the scars so they fade! I’m so thankful the surgery was uneventful even if recovery was rough.

That’s about it without getting into super-ridiculous minutia. Life is good and getting better!


4 Responses

  1. Glad to see you check in…I am absolutely the last person to give anyone crap about not blogging…that would be the pot calling the kettle black…really! Glad that things are looking up, that you are healing and that I am not the only one afraid of my scale…lol

  2. You poor thing… I’m nervous I may be heading to the ER if I don’t start feeling better soon.. It sucks!
    Glad you’re healing up!

    That sucks about losing all your pictures… have you gotten rid of the comp yet? Maybe someone can recover it for you just to get the data off.

  3. Glad to see a post from you~

    I am having out of control issues myself that stem from a three week vacation to my favorite country. I am afraid to get on the scale but am also wondering if the truth will get my ass in gear again.

    Glad you are feeling better and so sorry to hear about losing all your stuff on the old computer. I had that happen once and it totally sucks!

  4. I’m really late on commenting – but I’ve been ill… so hopefully you’ll forgive me. EggFace had some stuff that she got for her scars that sounded really good – so ask her about that.

    Hang in there – I’m glad that whatever got stuck went away – that is horrible pain. UGH! Hang in there – I know that if anyone can get back on track – it’s Meggs!

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