I don’t know how I got in the habit of posting once a MONTH, but I did, and that’s where it is. I think it’s because my life isn’t 100% weight related right now. And I’m busy. And there’s facebook to keep up with.

But every now and then I’m drawn into thoughts/feelings that aren’t entirely appropriate for public (i.e. facebook) consumption, and these are them:

  • Seriously, I’m a moron and I do not learn my lesson. If I eat eleventy million servings of baked lays, I will enter a crazy-scary episode of what might be reactive hypoglycemia / the shakes / duuuhhh-ville. I will type things like “note to selfs” plural and not even notice. Apparently, one of my multiple personalities can’t spell. And then everything is funny. I notice phrases on TV like “she’s floppy like a duck” and can’t stop laughing. And you tell me carbs are not like DRUGS???

Actually, that’s only one bullet point. See? See what happens to me?

I never learn!