Best line of the day

A student walks into my office. I don’t know all our students (we communicate mostly via email and phone), but she certainly looks familiar. I know her. She knows me.

She says,”Hi. Ummm… hi. Uhhhh… You’re not Meghan, are you?”

I say, “Yeah… I’m Meghan. How are you?”

She says, “OH MY GOD I DID NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE YOU!!! How long has it been since I’ve seen you. OH MY GOD!”


I mean really?! She wasn’t even sure I was me? She was so sincere with the “you’re not meghan, are you?”



Whoa Nelly

Today’s a big day.


I have officially lost 200 pounds. 364 to 164.

I’m so excited to start the part of the journey where I can now say “I’ve maintained a 200 pound weight loss for X number of years!”

I’m still officially overweight by 19 pounds (145 is the highest “normal” weight for my height). But I’m wearing size 10 jeans today, and I feel incredible, and I’m healthy. Any weight loss now is just an added bonus. Any weight loss now is just wiggle room for me to maintain my 200 pound loss!

And with his huge milestone, it’s reward time! I’ve totally earned that pedicure and massage! Unfortunately, I’ve got two major conference presentations this weekend so I’m cramming like crazy to get those done, I’ll be traveling all around Florida this weekend, and then maybe I’ll get to squeeze my reward in the beginning of next week.

Whew! What a ride lately. Life is nuts.


So as a little surprise from the heavens this morning, I stepped on the scale to see a magic number: 174.4.

At 5’4″, that gives me a BMI of 29.9.

I am officially NOT obese! (at least when naked on my bathroom scale).

I am officially OVERWEIGHT! Seems silly to celebrate, but you guys know how monumental this is! I’m NOT OBESE! Bye bye, ugly label-of-a-word!

Hi, I’m Meghan, and I’m NOT OBESE!


The Thrills!

So what if I’ve only lost 3 pounds in the last month? Honestly, I feel awesome! I look pretty fly! Being closer to “normal” is feeling fine. 4 pounds until I’m official not “obese.”

See this cute little peacoat? I bought it yesterday at New York & Company. Size 12.


I also bought cute earrings, and a bracelet, and some faux snakeskin shoes. And a size Medium shirt.

Suddenly, I want cute clothes. I want a sense of style. I want pretty things and great makeup and lots of cute little dresses. I think I might actually feel… pretty! (Too bad I can’t really afford this new hobby.)

I saw my sister-in-law Carla Friday night and she almost flipped out. She said, “MEGHAN! What size are those pants you’re wearing?!” (she’s not exactly tactful)

Me: “Umm, a 12 I think?”

Carla: “Well damn, you passed me. I can’t believe it. I need to go on a diet. What are those protein things you drink again? I can’t believe you’re wearing a size 12. My pants are a size 14.”

Me: “I like the Pure Protein brand, but everybody’s different. You kind of have to try them all to see what you like.”

Carla: “I weighed 195 pounds at the doctor yesterday. How much do you weigh? What size is that shirt? Did you get it at Old Navy?”

Me: “I weigehd 178 this morning, but you’re like 4 inches taller than me. You should weigh more than me! This shirt is a Large, and yeah… it’s from Old Navy… how did you know that?”

And the conversation went on and on like that. Lee’s sisters are so funny. When my grandma asks about my weight I get offended and want to cry. When they demand to know my size I feel like I’d better just tell the truth or they’ll beat me up!

Yep, I’ve officially passed Carla. Is it wrong to take pleasure in that?  🙂


Just when you think it’s never going to happen…

BAM! Onederland is onederful! (Yes, that’s lame, but I’m excited, mmkay?)

I’m so excited, in fact, that I’m posting this picture despite my nasty toes. I haven’t had a pedicure since February and it shows. But today? Today I’m going to treat myself!

Obviously, it makes sense that I would post a picture to show you what 199.2 looks like on me. But, alas, I’m home alone and the best I can do is upload a couple photos Lee has taken of me in the last couple weeks. Neither of these were at my exact current weight… these are more like 207 and 205 I’d guess.

But since this is a pretty momentous occasion, I hereby solemnly swear to actually have somebody take a picture of me today or tonight and I’ll update asap.

In the meantime:

Here’s me in the kitchen slicing onions with red eyes. And I’m wearing my husband’s jeans (woot!):

And here’s me checking my email one night in my pajamas. This hairdo is how I wear my hair 80% of my life: in bed, at the gym, etc. My ass looks ginormous here, but whatever. At least I have a jawline!

And the numbers:

I’ve officially lost 165 pounds.

100 pounds since surgery.

Exactly 25 pounds until I’m no longer obese and just plan “overweight.”

54 pounds left until “normal.” (Crap… 54 pounds is nothin’. I’ve already lost that 3 times!!)


Beautiful weekend!

I’ve had an awesome last few days. I skipped work Friday to go to the beach with my mom for a reward, but we got there and it was too freaking hot to stay. Seriously. And you know how much I love the beach. But it’s July and we’re in that July-August-September trifecta of burning Florida heat that makes you want to permanently attach an air conditioning unit to your back. It’s the “don’t get your oil changed because it’s too damn hot to sit in the car without a/c” time of year. So anyway, the beach was fine for a while but neither of us could handle an entire day of sweltering heat. So, we left the shore after 3 hours, took showers, and went shopping instead. Which was much, much cooler!

And shopping was phenomenal. We went to one of those discount-type stores where you either find NOTHING or way too much, and I was having an “on” day. Naturally, I went over to the Plus department and began checking things out. Since my size 18 Old Navy jeans were falling off, I figured I could try 16’s. I was right.

But then my mom, genius that she is, realized that if I wear a 16, I don’t have to stay in the Plus department necessarily. So she dragged me to the JUNIORS section where I ended up buying a size 15 dress (it’s so cute!). (By the way, where were the size 15 juniors clothes when I was teenager?? I distinctly remember 13 as the biggest size.)

But the dress was sleeveless and I simply cannot do sleeveless, so I needed a cardigan or shrug or something. So mom dragged me to the MISSES department. Where I got a size XL misses petite cardigan that was perfect for the dress.

And then we went to the athletic wear section, and as I headed for the plus-sized rack again, mom steered me back to regular sizes. I ended up with 4 pairs of workout pants in size XL. I wouldn’t try the Larges even though mom wanted me to.

I am struck once again with the sheer number of CHOICES available to me clothing-wise right now. I mean, I literally can shop in THREE departments. How cool is that??

At the beach, mom said she doesn’t think I understand my size right now. She said, “I don’t think you realize you’ve crossed over to normal-sized. I don’t think you can see how different you look.” I explained that I’m still 220 pounds, I’m still obese, and I’m not anywhere near “normal” or “healthy weight.” But I guess she’s right… I don’t stand out as being especially over-fat anymore. I’ve started noticing people who are bigger than me when I’m out and about. It’s strange because I remember always being the biggest one in the room.

Anyhow, that was Friday. The beach and shopping and smaller sizes. I know, right?!

On Saturday, I went cycling with my dad again, but my Uncle George joined us. He’s trying to lose weight and thought that since I was going, he wouldn’t slow anybody down. Problem is? His perception of my fitness level is a bit off! He was really struggling, but he did finish 10 miles. So I didn’t get much of a workout on that ride, but it was a lot of fun! It was nice to finish and not be exhausted.

Then the entire family had dinner at a really nice steak house that cost a stinking fortune, but the food was incredible. Over a few hours, I had salad, onion soup, grilled chicken, some mashed potato, two bites of carrot cake, and coffee. It sounds like a lot, but of course we’re talking about nibbles and bites of everything.

This morning, Lee & I went to church (which we haven’t done in ages because of his work schedule). Then we cleaned the house, and I made fresh salads for lunch. I ate a plum for the first time since surgery. Mmmm.

A really, really great weekend. I’m loving my life!

I Wear Cycling Shorts in Public

Yes, I do. I wear bike shorts in public. It’s not pretty, but it makes a world of difference for my arse. I got these Canari Women’s gel shorts at the local Sports Authority earlier this week:

6 panels for maximum comfort, plus gel in the seat area. And that gel? It saved my girly bits. I’ve worn them once at the gym and heck… they may even make those damned seats in the spinning classes doable. But I also wore them on the bike trail today with my dad and…

22.5 miles. I cycled 22.5 miles! I was tired as crap the last 4 miles or so, but the rest of the ride was fantastic. I was so tired in the last mile, in fact, that when we stopped to cross traffic I literally fell off my bike because my legs had turned to rubber. Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing. BUT! I rode 22.5 miles today. And my ass doesn’t even hurt! (My legs, however, are another story).

I feel amazing and strong and even perhaps… athletic. A miracle!

But since I can’t tell the good without also telling the bad, I have to confess: I came home, took a 2-hour nap, and then ate a hot dog (100% beef, no fillers, no bun) and some DORITOS. Doritos are NOT on the food plan! (slaps wrist)